For the First Time Ever Robot Passes ‘Self-Awareness’ Test

Source: Business Insider

For the first time ever, robots have shown that they can demonstrate self-conscious awareness. In this experiment using NAO Bots, three robots were used. All three were programmed to believe that two of them had been given a “dumbing pill” which would make them mute. Two robots were silenced. When asked which of them hadn’t received the dumbing pill, only one was able to say “I don’t know” out loud.

Upon hearing it’s own reply, the robot changed it’s answer, realizing that it was the one who hadn’t received the pill.

To be able to claim that the robot is exhibiting “self-awareness”, the robot must have understood the rules, recognized it’s own voice and been aware of the fact that it is a separate entity from the other robots. Researchers told Digital Trends that if nothing else, the robot’s behavior is a “mathematically verifiable awareness of the self”.



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