MUST SEE: Planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood Video That Actually Makes Me Nervous

Like most people, I’m pretty tired of fear-mongering videos, BS reports, baseless theories, wholesale opinions and all of the unsolicited stupidity out there. I’ve heard it all 1,000 times and I shelved the whole Planet X thing a long time ago. Lately though, I’ve been hearing things about abrupt climate change, climate chaos, disaster prep, plus countless other things that I don’t have time to post. These things, coupled with this video have admittedly left me feeling kind of alarmed.. Okay, a lot alarmed. I have no desire to be labelled as a conspiracy theorist and have actually gone out of my way to avoid that title on more than one occasion. Regardless though, watch this video here that was recently posted by The WTF Files on YouTube. Am I nuts? You be the judge!


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