UFOs – We should ignore them as this has nothing to do with Bible Prophecy? Really?

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Best UFO Sightings Of June 2013, AFO – YouTube

I will be giving a UFO update at the Colorado Springs Conference.  The picture is of the Turkish UFO.  I will be showing this clip which actually shows the entities in the craft.  This was taken by Dr. Roger Leir.  We have the original film and Richard Shaw enhanced digitally.  This is the best UFO footage I have ever seen to date.

The link above is a compilation of UFOs that were filmed and reported in the month of June.  The reason I’m harping on this today, is because a well-known prophecy “expert” recently stated that we shouldn’t be concerned with the UFO phenomena.  OK, with that in mind what are we to think about the over 1000 sightings in the month of April, 2013?  I suppose I should tell the people who email…

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